As you are all aware, getting back to the Blue Anchor’s room upstairs is probably out of the question due to the small size of the room and lack of ventilation – however, we have been on a mission to find a suitable venue in which we can carry on safely enabling the club to continue.

It is really sad that so many folk clubs have not been able to carry on during these testing times – venues have not been available or have closed for good and some are just not suitable so the organisers have thrown in the towel.

Thank Goodness for Zoom though! It has helped a lot of clubs to limp along in their various forms and has enabled us to meet lovely people who are too far away to visit the club in person.

So……we have found what we think is a suitable room in a lovely building which isn’t a pub. It is a community centre in Knaphill called The Vyne which may or may not be easy for some of you to get to - check it out on-line.

There is a huge car-park over the road, a lovely modern room with heating and plenty of windows for ventilation, a partition which can make the room twice the size and a large TV screen which can connect to a computer for Zoom and various DVD’s.

There is no bar but we are allowed to bring our own drink and we will probably be the only group of people in the building so can let ourselves in and out with no bother.

There are wonderfully clean toilets and everything is on the ground floor with disabled facilities including parking.

We have asked if we can have the room every Thursday evening from 8-10.30pm which is fine with the organisers. There will be a charge for the room but the rates are not too off putting.

We have booked the room from October 7th at 8pm and are going to charge £2.50 for entry – the first night will be the telling one! We will see what you all think of it and whether you are happy to continue the club there – the Blue Anchor for the moment is completely ‘no go’ so this is (what we think) is a perfect alternative.

Please, please let us know what you think and whether you will be coming – we can show you the room beforehand if you are not sure but I think you will all agree that ‘The Show Must Go On’ and this we think, seems to be a brilliant solution!

Take care all of you,

Mike & Maureen xxx

Folk and good music.  All welcome
Every Thursday 8.15 pm to Late