Getting the best sound for music with Zoom

One thing we've learnt over the first few sessions was that everyone should have the "Original Sound" option in Zoom switched on. This option improves high frequencies in instrument sound quite a lot, 'though it has less effect on voices.


There's potentially three stages to doing this,


1) If it's there as a option button on your screen in a meeting then simply turn "Original Sound " on. In Windows it's top left of screen but may be in a different location on other platforms (Mac, iPad, Android) It's not available on Linux.


2) If there's no option on the screen then find "Settings", it's a cog symbol on the Zoom app login page. In "Settings" go to Audio, then "Advanced" settings (at bottom ) and that should give you a second page with "Enable original sound" tick box. This will enable the button mentioned above in 1)

It may also be beneficial, particularly if playing an instrument, to disable both Suppress persistent and intermittent background noise options. Set Echo cancellation to Auto.

Again these options may be in different locations on other platforms (Mac, iPad, Android).


3) If there's no advanced option, or Original sound option in 2) then log in to your Zoom account (On the Zoom web site), go to "settings" and down towards the end of a long list (20-30 items) there's an option to "Enable original sound". Enable that, then go back through 2) and then (when in a meeting) 1).


Additionally, in the Audio setting menu there is an option to disable "Automatically adjust volume" for the microphone input. Disabling this can prevent the effect of sudden loud vocal or instrument parts instantly (albeit temporarily) knocking down the mic volume.

When disabled it is then important to manually set the Input Level slider to an appropriate level.

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