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You Can Join in Virtually.

During some of our live session there are virtual ways to enjoy Anchor Folk Club. These virtual ways are on Zoom and YouTube. 

There may be nights at the café when we cannot run Zoom or YouTube. Check our home page for details.

To watch and listen as a virtual member of the audience, use the Virtual Anchor Folk YouTube channel via this link:   YouTube link. 


On hybrid nights the club meetings are streamed live to YouTube (see above) so you can watch and listen as they happen.

In addition, after the event, the club nights are available to view on YouTube as a recording, using the same link above.


To join in as a virtual performer on Zoom you'll need a web cam, microphone and speaker(s) and to download the Zoom app/program from When you are ready to join in, click on this link: Zoom link.

To get the best sound quality when performing - follow this link for guidance:

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