As the Anchor Folk club is closed for the duration we are setting up a virtual Folk Club using the "Zoom" video meeting facility. This can be run on computer, tablet or smart phone. It will be held every Thursday evening from 8:15 to 11:15.

There are two ways of using this system; one as a performer; the other as a member of the audience.

To join in as a member of the audience use this link: You will need to be able to hear the event i.e. your device will need a speaker.

To join in as a performer you'll need a web cam, microphone and speaker(s) and to download/sign up to the Zoom app/program from

The basic format of the Virtual Folk Club will be that after logging into the meeting you will be able to see, hear and message all of the other participants. When someone is performing a song the host (Chris Harris) will mute the audio from all of the others in the group, then

un-mute everyone at the end.

We've tested this with a dozen people and it sort of worked, but there will probably be some teething problems when more folk join in.

There are features on the Zoom screen that allow you to interact with a thumbs up or clapping sign or via the text "chat" feature.

Eventually, and maybe even by Thursday, there could be live streaming of the meeting on Youtube on the Virtual Anchor Folk channel, for those that just want to watch and listen.

Again further details will, when we know them, be put here on the club web site if streaming can be made to work.

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