September 25th 1995 was the inaugural night of the Anchor Folk Club.


On that night we had 70 people attend and as the club was at bursting point, there were people sitting on the stairs up to the function room where the club is held


Since that night, the club has grown into one of the most respected folk clubs in the country.  We are a ‘proper’ folk club.


We hear all sorts of music but the folk music tradition of all types of folk is where our heart lay


It is important that we give people (who want to play or sing) a platform to express their music.


To that end, we are predominantly a singers club with a monthly guest night (see ‘What’s On’)


On the singers night, we pass the jug around and have a raffle for vino of distinction… just ask the winners what they think!


You pay to get in to any guest nights where the cost is subsidised so we can charge lower than other clubs in the area.


Folk music in Surrey is very popular and there are other clubs including ours to satisfy demand, but naturally, we are the Premier of these.  Well, that’s what we think.