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A Message from Maureen & Mike

Well, what a surprise !!  Thank you Anchor Folkies so much for your wonderful presentation on Thursday - you are just unbelievably kind and so special in our hearts!
We started the club 27 years ago for selfish reasons really as we just wanted to enjoy regular nights of good, live music and the Blue Anchor seemed a good place for it to happen.
Once word got around more and more interested musicians turned up and then kept coming back!!  We had audience too - loads of them.......just amazing!  How many different players and acts have played there over the years and how many lovely people have come and gone?  It has been such a huge part of our lives - not only ours but many others - we've made incredible friends and enjoyed countless, memorable times filled with music, laughter and warm companionship.
None of it would have happened without all of you!  You made it easy for us to keep it going week after week!  Thank you all for being so special, and for your support and thank you too for the cards you gave us with your lovely messages and beautiful gifts which we will treasure!!!  - keep the Anchor Folk Club going - it's now in good hands and will continue on for years with all of your support - we'll be there too but sitting at the back!!!
Love and thanks to you all!!
Maureen and Mike xxx

May 2022

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